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EverFair - Election Reform

We must change our election system to Ranked Choice voting.  We must expand voting access to it's greatest extent. Voting by mail like we have here in Washington is a good place to start. 

We support initiatives to end gerrymandering, a process by which state legislatures alter the borders of representative districts to increase the chances of their candidates winning their seats and concentrating opponents in specific districts. We aim to end the practice of "the candidates choosing their voters". The Alliance is a proponent of Ranked Choice Voting,  an electoral system whereby voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots leveling the field between candidates. This also forces candidates to appeal to those outside of their established base. We also believe in holding our elected officials accountable, a zero tolerance we adhere to with our own candidates and officials. We look to achieve fairness and accessibility in our electoral processes.

Committee to Elect Larry Stanley
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