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 America is being threatened by a political process that is failing us and our children. It is not just “fixed”, not just “rigged”, not just dysfunctional – it is dividing us so severely as a people that many of our enemies believe we will rot from within.

We need a new approach to politics:

Ever Together - Equality and Justice

In the spirit of our slogan "Stronger Together" I have a plan to help move our society and institutions toward equality and justice.  Talk is cheap, we must finally act and take steps forward towards a better union.

Criminal Justice reform 

Police conduct reform 

Racial Reconciliation 

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EverGreen Dividend - $500 Universal Basic Income

A $500 a month per Washingtonian resident universal basic income funded by a VAT on data, AI and other process that add value to a product or service and a Carbon Tax.  The dividend is meant as a complimentary addition to a National UBI.  This does not replace other services or welfare.  (Read More)

EverCare - Health Care Plan

The ultimate goal is a less expensive Medicare for All model. To get there we should start with a public option on the exchange and then start transforming the fee for service model in the medical billing to a fee for outcomes.  This will cut down on unnecessary tests and save some money.  Then work on getting the drug companies to limit what they charge for their drugs.   Once those 2 areas are saving money, the third area of insurance coverage should be taken care of by transitioning to Medicare for all.     (Read More)

EverLimit - Term Limits

I promise I will not run for a 4th term if I win.  6 years are enough for me. I suggest we limit legislative positions to 12 years, judges to 18 years and executives to 8 year.  George Washington taught us how to say good bye for a reason.  Being a politician was never supposed to be a career.   Our government needs representatives from among the people, not a professional class bought by the wealthy. (Read More)

EverFair - Election Reform

We must change our election system to Ranked Choice voting.  We must expand voting access to it's greatest extent. Voting by mail like we have here in Washington is a good place to start.  



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EverFund - Free and Fair Campaign Finance Reform

Make sure Washington State calls for a constitutional convention to get big money out of elections.  I agree and support Wolf PAC's call for this.  I will be a big supporter.  


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EverRead - Help save Local Journalism

We need to reinvent the funding model for local journalism.  Local journalism is rapidly disappearing and then our democracy will go with it.  We have to find away to have hard hitting journalism that will keep an eye on our leaders and for the journalists to still make a living.  (Read More)

EverReady - Climate Crisis

This is the largest and most difficult problem humanity has ever faced. We should have started 40-50 years ago when we could have made gradual changes.  Now even if we could change over to sustainable power and bring our carbon footprint down significantly overnight it wouldn't be enough. There is amount of lag time built in to the climate system, we have past tipping points and started cascading effects that will bring horrible calamities upon us.  Does not change that we must try to minimize the damage by making changes now and also by planning to mitigate the various disasters that will befall us do to our arrogance and delay.  The last time we had this much concentration of carbon in our atmosphere the temperature was 5C hotter and the seas were 20 feet higher.  

Start taxing Carbon

Switch to Green power

Switch to electric cars

Move as many communities away from the coast as we can and fortify those we can save.

Plant trees

Find ways to pull carbon out of the atmosphere. 

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Ever Her Choice

Women's healthcare rights - While most of this issue is covered under Healthcare reform and Equality.  I wanted to make sure there was no question that I support a woman's right to choose.  No government or church or any other person should be able to get between a woman and her doctor's decision making.  In the wake of the national tragedy of losing Justice Ginsburg, we need as many public servants  to fight for the rights of all of our citizens. (Read More)

Ever Learn - Education for the Future

Our ability to secure the future we want for ourselves – to be the gold medal nation – starts with the quality of the educational opportunities available for every child. It is dependent upon how we educate our population and prepare our children and young adults to success in a globally competitive ecosystem. We were the first modern society to believe and invest in the idea of public education for all. But now, other nations have taken our ideas of universal education and beaten us at our own game.

Economic inequalities are inextricably linked to educational inequalities. Children raised in poverty are two or more years behind their more affluent peers in language proficiency and mathematics by the fourth grade, and a disproportionate percentage either never finish secondary education or never close the gap. We must reopen the doors of opportunity that education provides. We must create an environment where the two greatest determinants of a child’s quality of education – and thus the quality of their life – are not their zip code or the color of their skin.

  • Elevate and reinvigorate the teaching profession
  • Prepare our citizens for global competition
  • Remove barriers to access to quality public education
  • Develop a choice-driven public-school system
  • Incentivize public service among our youth
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EverBuilding - Infrastructure

There are so many jobs that can be created through investment in infrastructure.  Of all the kind of spending there is in government, the one that brings back the most return on our investment is infrastructure. 

Bridges and Highways

High Speed Rail

Water storage and delivery system

Electric power grid   -  Smart and Green.

High speed Internet 

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EverWell - Covid-19 Relief

The people of the 8th district, like many Washingtonians and Americans need Covid relief now.  We need a national and state plan to beat this and rebuild a better society for all. (Read More)

EverSafe - Gun Safety

The level of gun violence in America today is unacceptable. America, and especially her children, should feel safe in any environment. We support the Second Amendment and the people’s right to responsible gun ownership. We believe in a rational and reasoned approach to gun legislation that can improve the safety of all Americans without interfering with the right to bear arms as established by the Second Amendment. (Read More)

EverWelcome - Immigration

As a nation of immigrants, we support legal immigration tied to the country’s economic needs and capacity to assimilate newcomers. We also support reasonable pathways to citizenship for those law-abiding persons in the country without legal residency status, and we support strong borders. We also believe in America’s moral obligation to help genuine asylum seekers. We affirm that part of the definition of self-government is the right of order to define who may and who may not become part of the nation. (Read More)

EverNeutral - Net Neutrality

I support Net Neutrality insomuch as internet service providers (ISP) must provide access to all sites, content and applications at the same speed, under the same conditions without blocking or referencing any content.  This is essential to free speech, equal opportunity and economic innovation in America whereby permitting these providers to arbitrarily decide access levels  would end the open Internet, damaging our ability to connect with others, share information and participate in our 21st century democracy and economy.

I oppose any such infringement on the right of Americans to participate in our technological future with equal access for all.

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